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Whither thou goest, I will go ... thy people shall be my people, thy God my God

Musings of a Slythenpuff

22 February 1988
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Hey, my name is Nathalie but people call me Tai if they're not calling me by full name .. or Nat but I prefer Tai. I am nineteen years old and I am absolutely inlove with fanfiction, sci-fi, the supernatural, and all the like. I love music. Like mad. Anything from the eigties is golden. Anything from the nineties and fifties is silver and anything from a soundtrack is usually diamond :-P

My journal is mainly away for me to comment (finally) to stories that I enjoy. I probably won't update it often causa college student in second semester sophmore year and it's more nagging than I'd like sometimes, than I hoped. Maybe someday I'll get to writing.
I've been writing since I was in the fourth grade when my english teacher lauded my poem. lol. Yeah, I'm a praise hog ... :-D Mostly it was poetry until I got lauded by my ninth grade teacher for my fiction, no really even then it was still poetry. I like free style and using the effects of fonts on words and flowing with free thought ... if you can tell :-D

I started writing with a bunch of friends, original characters. Silly things that started with us and uhm, famous people (yeah I know lol, what can I say we were fifteen.). My favored famous person was Prince William, hence my fanfic name is ususally princesstai.
From their we did original characters, I had tons of stories. I am the type of person that has a lot of ideas, some of them nuts, most of them out there, all of them almost never finished. From that we either stopped our did our own thing. I got sent to ff and started an Inu-Yasha story that I hope to someday finish. A few months later I discovered this RPG group centered on original characters in the Dark-Hunter-verse of Sherrilyn Kenyon; fanfiction was put on the backburner for over three years. I started again a year and a half again. It's a bit strange to do other people's characters when you've been mastering and adding touches to your own, but I hope that I am getting it again.

I hope to someday let you guys read my stuff. Whether OC or fanfic.

Well that is WAAAAY more than I should have said. Gotta go and do my Music Listening.
Classical baby! I sorta like that too. Wagner, Vivaldi, Bach, etc :-D

Ciao. Til later.
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